What To Wear On Game and Clay Pigeon Shooting: The Waring Brooke Guide

Whether you’re a long time shooter or new to the game, looking good on the field or at the range is important to us all. Whether it's your first time shooting, or you're looking for some new gear, or planning a team-building event, read on for the ultimate men's and ladies guides, as well as some information about safety equipment


Waring Brooke Clay Pigeon Shooting Guide, what to wear. Jackets, Boots, Socks

Mens Shooting Wear

In men's shooting wear, functionality and style combine to form a practical yet fashionable ensemble. Shooting staples include: 


Shooting Jacket:

Opt for a well-fitted shooting jacket, this will offer protection from the elements. The reinforced shoulder padding will provide added comfort when shouldering the gun.

Mens Shooting Socks and Garters:

Whether you're shooting in frosty winter, or in the summer, keeping your feet warm and dry is paramount. Waring Brooke's shooting socks provide the perfect combination of style and functionality.

The cushioned foot fit ensures supreme comfort, making them your go-to choice for any occasion. We take immense pride in our heritage, and that's why our luxury boot socks are 100% made in Britain. Every pair is hand-finished with precision in Nottingham.

Waring Brooke Clay Pigeon Shooting Guide, what to wear. Shooting Socks and Boot Socks


When you wear our socks, you're not just wearing an accessory; you're embracing a legacy of craftsmanship and tradition. Choose from different country designs like guns, stags, and union jacks. Some can even have your initials added, perfect for treating yourself, or for gifting.

Pair your socks with garters for a more traditional look.

Shooting Boots

Choose sturdy shooting boots with good ankle support and grip to navigate various terrains safely. Leather or synthetic materials with waterproofing capabilities are ideal for outdoor shoots. A strong pair of boots will ensure you walk confidently regardless of the terrain.

Moisture-Wicking Shirts:

Choose moisture-wicking shirts made from breathable fabrics to keep you cool and dry during long shooting sessions. Polo shirts or button-down shirts are popular choices for a classic yet practical look.

Breeks and Trousers

Clay Pigeon Shooting Guide, what to wear Breeks, or shooting trousers for men

Breeks, or shooting trousers that end just below the knee, are a more traditional option for regular shooters. Look for designs with reinforced seat and knee patches for added durability. Alternatively, a pair of tweed or cotton blend trousers would be suitable for a one off shoot.

Hats or Caps

A wide-brimmed hat or a classic flat cap not only adds a touch of style but also provides protection from the sun and glare. Choose designs with moisture-wicking sweatbands for added comfort.



Ladies Shooting Wear

For ladies who enjoy shooting sports, there's a wide range of stylish and functional clothing and accessories available. 


Waring Brooke Clay Pigeon Shooting Guide, what to wear for women. Jackets for women


Shooting Socks

Good shooting socks are crucial for all shooters, whether they are beginners or experienced. They are a key part of a shooting outfit for both men and women. You can match yours to our range of hair and headbands to keep your hair away from your face, or even to a our scarves for the colder months.

Shooting Boots

Choose shooting boots specifically designed for women, with a slim profile and excellent ankle support. Look for boots made from waterproof materials with durable outsoles for traction on various terrains.

Feminine Blouses

For a more sophisticated look, consider wearing feminine blouses with subtle patterns or embellishments. Look for designs with button-down fronts for easy layering.


A scarf is not only a fashion statement but also a practical accessory. Opt for one of our knitted stallion, monogram, fox or cock & hen scarves to wrap up against the elements when out shooting.


Or for a classic country look, silk scarves are perfect all year-round. A silk scarf is light and versatile, adding elegance to any outfit while also protecting from the weather.

Stylish Trousers

Opt for stylish yet practical trousers made from durable materials such as tweed or stretch cotton. Choose designs that offer a flattering fit and allow for freedom of movement.

Tailored Shooting Jacket

Tailored shooting jackets are a great choice for a more feminine look. Choose breathable and waterproof materials for protection in various weather conditions.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Guide, what to wear Jackets for women

Breeks or Jodhpurs

Breeks or jodhpurs provide a classic and elegant option for shooting attire. Look for designs with reinforced knee patches and adjustable waistbands for added comfort.

Hats or Caps

Complete your look with a stylish hat or cap that adds a touch of elegance to your outfit. Protection from the sun is a priority for shooting enthusiasts. Choose designs with feminine details such as ribbons or feathers.

By selecting the right clothing and accessories, women can enjoy shooting sports with comfort, confidence, and style. Whether you're a seasoned shooter or a beginner, shooting wear tailored for women ensures you look and feel your best on the shooting range.

Special shooting events:

Corporate shooting

Many companies know the importance of team-building activities, many planning away days each year. Country pursuits and outdoor activities, are a popular choice for work events, offering a fun escape from the office.

Try clay pigeon shooting for a fun challenge that tests shooting skills and encourages teamwork, and communication.

And for a lasting memory, you can gift your employees their own pair of boot socks that they can use whilst shooting, and beyond. Our socks come in many colours and designs, making them a memorable choice that every member of your team will love.

Shooting in Matrimony

Our couple socks are perfect for any countryside wedding! Choose from Mr & Mrs pairs, Mr & Mr, or Mrs & Mrs:

And having your wedding, Hen or Stag do at a shooting venue is becoming increasingly common.

Including clay pigeon shooting in your hen or stag do adds a fun and memorable element to wedding celebrations. The activity can create lasting memories for the couple, and guests.


Basic Safety Equipment

When you book a day of clay pigeon shooting, it's common for the shooting range or venue to provide basic safety equipment, including eye protection. However, the quality and availability of this equipment can vary.

If you're new to shooting, you'll most likely not have a preference on style of shooting glasses, or ear defenders yet, but if it's generally a good idea to check what safety equipment is provided when you book your session.

For seasoned shooters, while basic eye protection may be available, it might not always meet your preferences or needs. If you have specific requirements or preferences for shooting glasses (such as a particular lens tint or style), you may prefer to bring your own pair.


You don't need to buy a new wardrobe just for shooting events. Use what you already have for one-time events. Use the tips to find similar clothes in your closet or buy new ones that you'll wear more than once!