Sartorial Elegance: Waring Brooke and Netflix's The Gentlemen

British style is once again in the spotlight, since Netflix's latest success The Gentlemen hit our screens. Luxurious fabrics, extravagant accessories, and layering, are all at the heart of replicating some of our favourite looks from the Guy Ritchie series.

From co-ords to oversized statement pieces, wool to tweed: here’s Waring Brooke’s take on traditional yet contemporary fashion.

Colour: Natural Tones vs. Bold Statements

With its setting being predominantly in the British countryside, earthy colours dominate the wardrobes of many of the characters, reflecting tradition and simplicity.

And the aristocratic outfits of characters such as Lady Sabrina and her sons Freddy and Eddie perfectly show off this classic look, with multiple staple tweed ensembles:

Waring Brooke The Gentlemen Styling Tweed and Neutrals Waring Brooke The Gentlemen Styling Tweed and Neutrals by WB with knitted ties and accessories

However, amidst this traditional palette, bold statement outfits, like Susie Glass' vibrant red co-ord, add a touch of drama and individuality. Along with statement materials such as leather and velvet:

The Netflix Bold Power Wardrobe adding drama and individuality

Waring Brooke's collection also has embraces the bold, and can be perfect when offset against classic tweed pieces or as a co-ordinated look. From bright Ponchos, to Statement Accessories.

Sartorial Elegance: Waring Brooke and Netflix's The Gentlemen


As we immerse ourselves in the series, it's impossible not to be captivated by multiple statement pieces all layered together. At the heart of this aristocratic charm lies knitwear, a key element of old money aesthetic.

From multiple layers of tweed and knitwear, to Lady Charlotte (Charly) Horniman's layered poncho and scarf look, here are a few of our favourites.

Waring Brooke and the Gentlemen Netflix Layering Fashion Lady Sabrina Tammy Susie Glass

With a nod to the allure of The Gentlemen, here are some of Waring Brooke’s favourite upper-class fashion pieces to recreate key looks. From Hairbands, Susie Glass' knitted vest look layered with our Classic Stripe Tie, to our Signature Draped Poncho.

Waring Brooke The Gentlemen Styling Bold Looks

Laid Back Luxury

Characters like Susie Glass and Eddie show us the charm of relaxed luxury. Eddie, played by Theo James, rocks a simple Lacoste polo, while Susie opts for a cozy crew neck jumper similar to Waring Brooke's baroque design.

These casual yet stylish outfits capture the essence of laid-back luxury, where comfort meets quality. Waring Brooke's knitwear collection offers similar pieces, ensuring you can effortlessly embody a relaxed yet refined style. Shop Tops here.


Combining layering with oversized and statement accessories including scarves, jewellery and classic fedoras was also important throughout the episodes. Hairstyles also play a huge part in the looks the stylists created. From Susie's bold fringe, to Tammy's hairband looks.

Shop Waring Brooke's Hairbands as well as our knitted Scarves here, so you can recreate some of the upper-class looks featured throughout the series:

Waring Brooke accessories inspired by the gentlemen

With so many of us inspired by a more traditional, countryside style, combine your favourite pieces with Waring Brooke's knitwear and accessories to effortlessly capture the essence of old money elegance.