Perfecting British Summer Style With the Henley Regatta Edit

As the sun graces the British summer sky, the Henley Royal Regatta calls for an ensemble that is practical, elegant, sophisticated, and has timeless style. Our Henley Regatta edit is designed to ensure you stand out at this iconic event, capturing British summer elegance with key pieces that promise to make you perfectly dressed for the occasion.

Key Pieces in the Henley Regatta Edit for the Ladies

Knitted Dresses 

Our Henley, Eclipse, and Mother of Pearl Dresses offer a sophisticated and practical ensemble perfect for the refined setting of the regatta. 

Knitted Tops

Elevate your Henley Regatta ensemble with the elegance of Waring Brooke's knitted tops, designed to offer both style and comfort for this prestigious event.

Accessorise with Style

Infuse a touch of classic nautical style with modern flair into your outfit with our array of accessories from headbands to Sailor Collars.

Distinguished Accessories for Men

The Knitted Tie

For the gentlemen, our Stripe and monogrammed Ties are a classic accessory that adds a pop of colour and style to any outfit. These ties are perfect for bringing a touch of sophistication and flair to your regatta attire.

The Trilby Hat

Complete your regatta outfit with our stylish and practical Trilby Hat. Available for £45 in sizes S-M and M-L with interchangeable hatband colours, this hat adds a distinctive touch of refinement and ensures you stay cool and classy throughout the event.
This summer, let our Henley Regatta Edit be your guide to capturing the timeless elegance and sophistication of one of Britain’s most prestigious events. With our carefully curated pieces, you will be perfectly dressed to enjoy the regatta in style.